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Do you want to continue health and longevity, Please see the below content, or not.

Ten years Aim

  1. Look for a appropriate CEO to complete human’s evolution in this time industrial revolution.

  1. To making a super Server (Cosmos Media System) to gradually replace contemporary various platform.

  1. To building human’s wisdom integration. And to stimulate the human brain promote usage rate.

  1. To set up a medicine platform, and in the timing making health report and doctor’s  recommendations and treatment for everyone in cosmos.   

With your donation, we can

Why set up this project ?

A novel Tech-Advance can change human’s survival condition: include multidisciplinary technologies, e.g. Bio-, Medicine-, Physical, Physiology- ,etc. .

This is just one aspect, in the future base on its via evolution can to become as non-fantasy superman.

Through your Donation can let you more clear, which can change you, which can let you should enjoy things and now you haven’t it.

It  can not only bring you  a some super enjoy, but also it will come to your face to change whole humankind’s living habit of thousand hundred years till now.

The below picture is only beginning product, it can let you become as a genius.

For other ways to giving and donation, including the transfer of securities and estate planning, or to discuss more specific designation possibilities for your gift.

Please direct contact via  Tel. : (0086) 134-7807-0114  

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