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Future -Tech Workshop


----------2020 Season ---------------------

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 1,  Why is justice always a winner?

----------2019 Season ---------------------

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 12,  Come down from the bird on the wing

 11,  Do humans need prison break?

 10,  Humans should not be afraid of aliens

 9,  My wrong comes from realism

 8,  Why the revolution is so similar

 7,  Do humans really play with themselves?

 6,  Which came first “egg and chicken”?

 5,  The deception of science

 4,  Best teacher is yourself

 3,  Transition of Human Beings

 2,  Seven of Lucky

 1,  New drive is a sole opportunity of human being

----------2018 Season ---------------------

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 11,  What is a real scientific-technological revolution?

 10,  Why are we not cahoots?

 9,  The illusion of existence

 8,  Thought`s Logic

 7,  Brain’s experience

 6,  Angle and Result

 5,  The sculptor is the first cultural person

 4,  Classification is the war's start

 3,  How to clone Back-Ancestor phenomenon

 2,  Out a branch of the mankind

 1,  How to continue development

----------Before 2018---------------------

 6, Merry Christmas

 5, White & "Black"

 4, Would you like to choose what kind of revolution?

 3, Race, Skin Color & Ideology

 2, Time, Health and Life

 1, Does Human Thought belong to Intellectual Property Right ?

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 < Giant and Me >

4, Who am I? (International)/(中文- 密码: i6bz)

3, Reminiscent

2, The second birth (International)/(中文- 密码: ddn4)

1, Return

Picture Workshop


 After long time to thought, I make 3 aspects project.

  1.   Bound mobile technique consulting ;
  2.   Bound continue life span consulting ;
  3.   Future novel technique development and model of the human;

Consulting Workshop


Due to negative factors of society, i.e. “Black Politic”. And man doesn’t know what is invisible equipment.  

To avoid this factor effect constant development of company, and to help human march toward new era in persistence condition.

My company have to establish above 3 workshops of new era project. Also if someone think that this company gets huge development potential and wants to buy my company or cooperate.

Base on no effect human-future, company will sell- or cooperate workshops for accumulate more company capital.  

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