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Consulting Price

Making Price Principle



Mobile Tech

Because this technique is from virtual world, in past 10 (2003-2010)  years my mailbox received very huge virtual funds contracts.

Due to such contracts existence interfered normal living of my family, perhaps others more demand such contracts with burning desire.  

But it was a kind of power helped me in that time, this power is mobile technique.

This tech isn’t a normal meaning tech likes as visual, spy or mobile lock etc., the information can each other transfer via mobile platform in no network (symbol) condition.

So I think that it is nature gives me a huge wealth, but how to make price, I think over very long time, finally give myself a answer, causal take a contracts in so many contracts and use its saying money and to give me money divided 2 gets a average, this average is this consulting price.

But I want to emphasize a point, I don’t understand such Tech, and then in consulting process you will get my mobile and via it to search for Mobile-Tech-Conclusion.    [ Price basic picture ]

$ 6,210,000.00


Continue life span

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Novel Tech develop & model

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