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Enterprise Mission Discovery Truth of  Things   &  Avoiding War appear

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I think that the present psychology can not to help some people, the people has been controlled by High-tech-instrument.

With an experience of over 10 years. I hope that I can to overcome mutual contradiction. I believe that everyone has been controlled on consciousness or non-consciousness. Everyone need help.

State Council of the People's Republic of China awarded engineering certificate (ie: an electrical engineer).

In over 30 years in electrical building automation system of the mine accident did not appear uncertain.

Down-to-earth and the principle of quality first in the construction. Reject inferior design pressure and avoid damage to state property.

Can be used as an example of the engineer.

Based on "Labor Law" of state to superintend work environment and work rules of the company with the goodness.


On the equipment, high-tech equipment, high-tech air product is based some person. Army personnel from the ground as their assistants.

Not only to the state of national unity, harmony and a great threat, but also against countries that promote human rights in mind.More robberies on the brain and thought process (the thought process=the brainwashing).

So I hope that more people were helped.

Due to worlds`s development, special in 2014 year Nobel phys. praise said us “What`s GDP in brain”. Enterprise Strategy make to adjusting aim at this good message.

Also for enterprise`s future development.

Now enterprise is making a Open-platform to more better service for the people by modern IT platform .

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Hope it can satisfied with people requirement.

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I am non-consultants, via get all ten years of experience to help more people.

Consulting and non-personally get help or be cheated,with me has nothing.

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